Travel to Belarus

If you are going to travel to Belarus, all you need are:

  • Minsk tickets. You can get to Minsk by airplane (airport Minsk International, MSQ), train or bus. Sometimes one can find flight from Europe starting with 150 euro in both ways ( via Lettland).   Please, do not buy  flight with connection in Moscow: if you fly via Moscow, you need Russian Transit Visa.
  • Visa for Belarus. There are different types of visas for Belarus:
  1. Belarus tourist visa (belarus travel visa),
  2. Belarus business visa (if you come to Minsk to buy for example belarus tractor, you know, belarus tractors are the best tractors in the world),
  3. Belarus quest visa

Our agency provides a qualified visa support for obtaining Belarussian tourist visa. It’s best choice for short-term (Belarus tourist visayou need:

  • Letter of Invitation  (A copy of the confirmation from a Belarusian travel agency ) Our agency provides you with these document.
  • 1 passport-sized photo
  • Belarus visa application. We’ll send you the fornular of application along with the invitation.

Price for Belarusian visa at Belarusian embassy varies is 60 euro. If you obtain express visa in the embassy or in Minsk International Airport, the price may be higher.

Letter of Invitation and Tourist Voucher cost 35 euro.

Note: We issue invitation letters ONLY for the citizens of EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, and NORTH AMERICA citizens Insurance (you can buy it direct at Minsk International Airport, the price is about 50 cents per day.)

  • Reservation in Minsk hotel or private rent apartment. Hotels in Belarus are quite expensive. Look, Hotel Europa from 265 euro for basic single to 1105 for Presidential Suite, Hotel Crowne Plaza (241-384), Hotel Minsk (144-923), Hotel Planeta (57 for econom to 489), Hotel Orbita (65 for econom-369), Hotel IBB (70-102), Hotel Yubileynaya (48 for basic econom to 197).

We recommend our clients to rent apartment in Minsk (Belarus). Prices for apartments for rent start with 40 euro for comfortable flat in Minsk. You can find apartment in Minsk for any taste, in the centre or close to some special places.

  • Belarus prepaid phone cards (Velcom or MTC or Life :)) will make your Belarus travel easier.

We can help you to organize belarus tours: to Brest Belarus, Pinsk Belarus, Gomel Belarus, Grodno Belarus, Mogilev Belarus, Vitebsk Belarus, Borisov Belarus. You can either rent a car to travel across Belarus or take a driver, or go by train.

Don’t be afraid – and belarus vacation will be a perfect time in your life!