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Edad: 35
Signos del zodíaco: Aquario
Altura(cm): 163
Peso(kg): 60
Color de los ojos: verdes
Color del pelo: pelirrojo
Estudios: superior
Profesión: otros
Estado civil: soltera
Hijos: NO
Quisiera tener mas hijos:
Hobbies,capacidades: deporte , música , viajes , teatro , lectura , naturaleza , actividades fuera de casa .
Caracter: bondadosa , cariñosa , curiosa , trabajadora , sincera , romántica , equilibrada , espontánea , activa , sincera , cuidadosa , fina , alegre , fiel , hogareña , sociable , le gustan los niños , honrada , con sentido de humor , inteligente .
Fumador: no
Otros idiomas: italiano (elemental: palabras distintas, frases simples) , alemán (elemental: palabras distintas, frases simples) , inglés (elemental: palabras distintas, frases simples) .
Religión: otros
Nacionalidad: rusa
Sobre marido:
Edad de 37 hasta ___
Altura(cm) de 178 hasta 200
El compañero tiene hijos: prefiere que no tenga hijos
Expectativas de la pareja ideal: inteligente , bondadoso , cuidadoso , fiel , economicamente estable , con sentido del humor , le gustan los niños , le gusta la familia , generoso , encantador , alegre , atlético , educado , responsable , cariñoso , seguro de sí mismo , honrado , honesto , sociable , equilibrado , sincero , sin malos hábitos , serio , seguro .
I was born in the capital of the Urals in a family of leaders and creative people. In my veins flows the blood of brave and courageous ancestors. For example, my great-grandfather was the bodyguard of emperor Nicholas II.
I studied at one of the most prestigious music schools in Russia, and graduated from the Conservatory with a red diploma.

I know how to play the most complex musical instrument and in addition to this, I can also play 5 instruments more.

For three years I used to work in the best orchestra in the city and was an accompanist.

I realized my childhood dream and became a singer, working as a soloist of the theater for 7 years.
I also played in musicals and entered the top 16 most beautiful actresses.

Winner of the award for creativity in show business.
So my imagination is enough to make a fire show even in the bathroom!
My work is my favorite hobby and part of my bright life.

I also like outdoor activities and sports. I jumped with a parachute and fly in an air tube. I love traveling, mountains and hiking, I have passed the longest gorge in Europe.
I am fond of yoga and dance improvisation.

Now I study a lot and do spiritual practices. In order to open a school of development and creativity in the future, relying on music, theater, psychology and spirituality. There I will stage children's musical performances.
I'm also going to release my music albums by 2025.

My life will be bright and eventful(intense) even when I turn 120 years old.
And what are your goals?

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