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Age: 27
Sign of the Zodiac: Leo
Height(sm): 157
Weight(kg): 45
Color of Eyes: blue
Color of Hair: blonde
Education: university
Occupation: manager
Marital Status: single
Children: NO
Want to have children: yes
Hobbies, Skills: cooking , animals , driving cars , gardening , cinema .
Character: kind , gentle , hard-working , careful , faithful , family-oriented , sociable , with sense of humor , intelligent .
Smoke: yes
Languages: French (elementary - basic understanding, interpreter required) , English (excellent - very good understanding with many years of experience) .
Religion: orthodox
Nationality: Belarusian
Describe the qualities that you are looking for in an ideal husband:
Age from 27 to 38
Height(sm) 160 to 200
Has children: prefer no children
Character, interests & goals: kind , careful , faithful , with sense of humor , children-loving , family-oriented , generous , responsible , gentle , reliable .
Dear future husband :) ,
I want you to know, that I am really happy and grateful for this opportunity to find you. I do realize that this is a quite strange way of meeting your true love, but I honestly believe that there is a good chance we will make each other lives very interesting, diverse and full of spice because of our culture difference :).
If your choice fell on me, you most probably would like to know a little more about me besides those crumbles in profile page. Here I go.
I had been in only one relationship in my life. And it lasted 12 years. We met in School and broke up half a year ago. Why? I wanted a family, children, at least a dog :D Something that would make me feel like going the right path with the relationship. Never happened though, the guy said that he was not ready and would not be in the nearest future. Even thought the relationship was not perfect, only his immatureness in the family angle made me sober up and understand what I want. A want a family, children, cuddle up to my loving husband and be happy. Am I a dreamer?
My character has double nature: I can be strict like a teacher sometimes, next moment I am childish and can be so exited about just anything. I am working at PRIMUM international trucking company, you might have spotted our trucks in your cities ,) My position in the company is Project Manager and Freight Forwarder in China. My higher education is Interpreter/Translator of the English and Chinese languages. I also know French and Greek a little.
I am totally homish. The best version of weekend for me is cuddle up in the bed and watch TV serials with something delicious, like pizza. I hate parties, loud places, active outside activities - I just get tired very quickly. Nevertheless, I would never miss an opportunity to go out for gastronomic reasons or go for nature trip (barbecue is a must have!). As a result of my gastronomic tastes I like cooking and do It with pleasure. I keep blue shrimps, they are so cute and relaxing to observe! I also keep Dianea flowers, they catch flies :D Besides those two weird hobbies I also like horseriding very much, but this is a normal one.
I wish I would find a kind man, a reliable one. The one that likes cuddling up as much as I do and wants to finally settle up and make a loving and carrying family. Please note, my family is also very important to me! I love my mother and grandmother so much, that I also need my husband to love them as well. Good relationship with your family and your mother appreciation is a huge plus to your karma.
Still reading? Thinking This crazy lady is freaking me out? No? Then you are most welcomed in my life. Looking forward to receiving your contact notification!

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