Belarus dating for foreigners

How to find Slavic Wife and not to get Scammed

Coaching course that helps you to protect yourself  against all sort of  dating scam and shows you the way to your future  bride.

You´ll learn to read marriage agencies like an open book and easily pick out the profiles of genuine family-oriented girls among hundreds of fake ones.

galina manager of ladyfrombelarus marriage agency

How many times have you tried to contact Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian women, but they either didn’t reply or asked you to pay for something / buy something  in one letter? How much money have you wasted on pay-per-letter services?

How painful was it to pick up the pieces of your broken heart after yet another frustration when you refused to pay 3000 $$ for “American visa for her” and she disappeared.

Don’t you wish you had the superpower to see the intentions of a lady right when you see her photos on a website?

Hi, my name is Galina Pinchuk. I´m the manager of Ladyfrombelarus marriage agency. My husband Igor and I have been running our marriage agency in Belarus since 1998 and we know this business inside and out. We do our best to work in an honest and efficient way and our 1360 couples are the best proof of our success. 

It´s a pity, but every second client tells us a dramatic story how he’s been scammed either by fake agencies or by individual scammers.

At the same time as the owner of the agency I know how many amazing decent single ladies are there in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

For many years I’ve had the intention to put together everything we know about all the scam methods as well as the ways to avoid them  as well as how to find the  decent Eastern European lady, made a good impression on her, and bring her to your country.  That’s how this course appeared.  


You need the course if:

You want to save time & money, do everything right from the very beginning, avoid common mistakes.

You’ve already spent more than 300 USD on a pay-per-letter service.

Your "girlfriend’s" letters cannot be translated by Google Translate and you pay for a translation service to exchange letters with her​

Your Russian "girlfriend" doesn’t have a smartphone and you´re looking for the most suitable model to buy for her

Your "girlfriend" hasn’t received an American/ Canadian/ Schengen visa though you’ve sent her the full amount of money​

Something serious has happened to your "girlfriend’s" family and you´re thinking how to transfer money to her

There´s no end to this list. Actually, most of the men interested in finding their soulmate in former Soviet Union countries NEED this course. It’ll save you so much time and money, that you’ll be happy to invite me to your future wedding.​

Content of the course

1. Popular ways to meet a Slavic (Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian) lady (apps, free websites, paid websites, agencies, matchmakers,  vacation, your  own country)

2. Common tricks of scammers.   (web-model, pay-per-letter,  too expensive trip,  Send-money, Translation,  Fake meetings, Restaurant model )

3. Ways to protect against main scam models.  

4. Choosing a reliable agency. 5 red flags you need to know about  in advance.

5. Difference between Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian  women. 

6. Now to dates! How to make right impression on a real woman

7. Planning your trip to Former Soviet Union countries

8.  Best strategies for real meetings, and video meetings.

9. Your actions after you´ve met a lady

10. Russian /  Belarusian / Ukrainian woman in your country

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About me:

  • We have run Ladyfrombelarus  marriage agency since 1998, so I  gained impressive personal experience as a matchmaker for  Belarusian women and foreign men
  •  I have  degree in law of Belarusian State University. Specialized in Comparative law
  • Also I finished European Union law fundamentals course at European Humanitarian University
  • I can  speak English, German, Italian, some Spanish, native Russian. Maybe somewhen I manage to translate the course to all these languages…
  • in 2021 I was invited as an matchmaking expert to 3 Belarusian talk-shows
  •  I took part in the Austrian reality show “Das Geschaeft mit der Liebe”  ATV as a Belarusian matchmaker  in 2020
  • I had several interviews for Belarusian TV channel ONT  in 2019
  • You can find my interview in “Foreign wife happy life” podcast in 2018
  •  I was the speaker at the largest  Internet Dating and Dating Industry Conference iDate conference in 2017, presenting the Belarusian market and its unique history.
  • Back then in 2012 I took part in the German reality show “Traumfrau gesucht”  RTL2 as a Belarusian matchmaker.
  • My television career started with interview for Rai Uno TV Channel  in 2010. After that I  learned Italian in order to understand what we were talking about.
  • We had numerous interview in local press, but  I am  proud of the interview for Italian magazine  TU Style in  2010 and  interview for Italian magazine La Gioia 2011  
  •  Besides I am the blogger. I started to post my Belarus Dating tips and advice in Facebook and Instagram, but I have sooo much to say about that, and started to share the experience in Youtube.  But you cannot put all the information in 1 video. It should be a sequence of videos in order to get the idea right. That’s actually how this course appeared.   – it is a natural result of the development of my professional experience

Why do you need this course?


 I’m ready to offer you most favorable conditions, and I´m interested in a long-term cooperation with you. I give you an unconditional guarantee to refund your money if you’re not satisfied with the course:  just write me before the 3rd lesson, and I’ll return the full amount to you.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are actively searching for Eastern European woman – than of course, this knowledge will help you to protect yourself against scammers of all kinds.

This is the first run of the course, that’s why I prefer to keep the price low.

Absolutely not.  Despite of the fact that our agency is unique and best of the best, you can utilize the knowledge from the course   in any country and for any agency.

The dishonest behavior of some agencies and some girls casts a shadow over the entire sphere of acquaintances with Russian women. My goal is to help men easily recognize scammers and decent women. Help them to distinguish the first from the second and be able to make a good impression on the women of their dreams.

You always have a record of the video, so you can watch it anytime it’s convenient for you.