Getting contacts vs Real meeting

When you come across a profile of a most attractive lady on our website, it is quite natural that your immediate reaction may be “I must contact her right now!”
Of course, time is always of great value and if you really like someone, it makes you particularly impatient.
In this case chatting on Skype, whatsapp or exchanging emails seem to be the perfect first step towards the love of your life.
Well, it is quite true that contacting a lady directly is the fastest way to start acting. Is it the most efficient way, though?
No. Two decades of our experience leave no doubt: a personal meeting is what can really prevent you from wasting your time, money and energy.Here are a few myths about the benefits of distant communication before a real meeting.
1. Communication will give you a profound impression about the lady and you will not be meeting a stranger.
Actually, the impression is very likely to be false, because you can get to know something about a person only if you write each other really long and detailed letters, or communicate very often via Skype. In practice, however, it often results in casual chatting about nothing, something like: “How are you today?” – “I am fine, but have had a tiring day, let’s speak another time”. It is not the communication that can reveal what kind of person you are or she is.
2. The lady will feel more comfortable if you start from messaging her.
Our ladies sometimes say: “Yes, I am interested to communicate with this man and I would really love to exchange letters with him, but I have never communicated in such a way, I am not sure what should I write…” Other ladies who have had the experience of speaking with men on the Internet may have got bad results: like getting to know men who just chat, but will never get to anything more serious. That is why they have been disappointed in this way and do not want to waste their time on somebody whom they have never seen and probably will never see.
3. Speaking on the Internet can show if you have something in common.
Well, that is a good point – if you are looking for a pen pal, “imaginary friend”, someone to talk to, to share your thoughts with. However, you are here to find your love, the woman of your life, your future partner, aren’t you? The real love “chemistry” is not what you can feel from emoticons, stickers and sweet pictures in the messengers. It is not what a webcam can transmit. It is something that speeds up your heartbeat when you are at her side, hearing her voice or looking into her eyes. Even if you do not speak the same language, love will find the way to enter your soul. Organizing your trip to Minsk may take you some time, but in this case the slower you go, the farther you get. Put aside your smartphone or laptop for a while and let your heart guide you.