Authentic tours in Belarus

So, your trip to Belarus is planned. You are going to meet several ladies with our agency, you have looked through a couple of touristic guides to know out where to taste local food and which streets are worth seeing. But you still have some free time and strong desire to feel and to understand Belarus, the Motherland of maybe-your-future-wife.

Now you have a unique opportunity to discover Belarus with local guides who can get you to any destination you want. Our aim is not to show you that there is one touristic object on the left and the second is on the right but to become your personal Belarusian friend who can help you better understand the country, the history and the people.
You get an all-in-one service: a personal driver, a personal guide and a personal friend.
Our tours are personally tailored to your interests:
– In case you chose the War History theme: we can visit Stalin line, world war II museum, world war I defense lines, river Berezina, the fortress of Brest.
– Or if you like the history of the USSR we can visit Gorbatchev`s bunker, abandoned factories and old pioneer camps, see the Stalin’s empire architecture.
– For the sport lovers we can take up to 3 bikes and take a ride, or organize some camping in the forest.
– You may be fond of nature so we can show you the Belarusian forests, numerous lakes, fishing and hunting tours are to be booked in advance.
– If you are willing to discover the authentic Belarusian culture we have the opportunity not only to show you the museums but to experience real rural life in Belarusian countryside.
– We can drive you and your companion out for a walk in a picturesque park.
The destinations are limited only by your imagination.
Regardless of the destination you choose our goal is to let you feel the time and the place from within.
As every our tours is absolutely unique the price may vary of the details. Basic pricing starts with 90EUR for a 6 hour tour + the transfer fee.
For example a transfer to any place at 30 km away from Minsk will cost 8 EUR
Berezina which is 60 km away from Minsk will cost 13 EUR.
+The price doesn’t depend whether you’re alone or with your girlfriend.
-All extra expenses like museum fees, food & drinks are not included.

And the last but not the least – while booking one of the trips you get a free Minsk sightseeing tour. Our service is provided 24h a day so that you can feel every aspect on living in Belarus.
Expect the unexpected with us.