Toll roads in Belarus

This information is very important for those, who plan to travel to Belarus with his own car. There are several toll roads, passing them without paying the fee leads to huge fines on the border. BelToll is an electronic toll collection system, valid from 1st July 2013 in the Republic of Belarus. The system is using the world’s proven microwave technology based on Dedicated Short Range Communication. It allows road users to pay toll without stopping at toll plazas. Along the toll road network, gantries fitted with antennas, enable the communication between the transceivers and the special devices, called on-board units (OBU), which are mounted on the windscreen of the vehicles. The direct communication of the so-called multi-lane-free-flow facility (MLFF) between the device in the vehicle, on-board unit (OBU), and the toll gantries allows fully automatic calculation of the toll when passing underneath the toll portals. When drivers pass underneath the terminals of payment the electronic toll collection system will automatically draw money from the driver’s OBU user account, established upon registration in the system. Neither the speed needs to be reduced nor has a special lane to be used. So you can go even without noticing that you enter the toll road. Drivers of vehicles registered outside the Customs Union (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan) are obliged to pay toll when using the BelToll system. Before using the toll road network it is necessary to obtain an on-board unit (OBU). Therefore it is necessary to register within the BelToll system. Such registration can be done either at BelToll Customer Service Points or via the BelToll website. Some Fleet Card Issuers also provide the service of registration for their clients. The owner of a vehicle is required to fill in the registration forms and to submit a number of relevant original documents. Registration itself is free of charge, for the OBU a deposit (20-50 Euro)  is required. The deposit is to be paid in BYR at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment. When the OBU is no longer needed it can be returned to any BelToll Customer Service Point. The deposit is returned after safe return of the working OBU. While receiving the OBU for the contracts in pre-pae mode, road user has to top-up the OBU account:
  • minimum top-up is 25 EUR;
  • maximum remaining balance is 350 EUR.