5 Things to Do in Minsk, Belarus

If you happen to stay in Minsk just for a couple of days, there are 5 things you obviously should do

  1. The most efficient way to see Minsk is an excursion on a double-decker Minsk City Tour. It’s available every day: the bus departs from Privokzalnaya Square at 11h00, 13h30, 16h00 and 18h30. During the city tour, you will visit the main sights in Minsk. By the way, the audio guide in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese is not boring! The price is about 15 Euro.

2. If you want to feel Minsk, you should go to Minsk Upper town. Start at Pl. Svobody near Minsk City Hall and then get lost in one of the numerous bars of Zybickaya street. If you are there on Friday or Saturday night, you’ll be surprised how Belarusians can party.

3. There are several viewpoints if you wanna see Minsk from above. But the best idea is to drink a cup of coffee at The View restaurant on the 28th floor right in the center.

4. Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum is one more place that can touch your heart. It’s not an easy experience, but it is considered to be one of the most modern and high-quality WW2 museums.

5. National Library is the building that you’ll see on the way from the airport. Enjoy its weird rhombicuboctahedron architecture. The government raised money for its construction. Belarusians always argue if it’s beautiful or ugly. You can make up your own opinion.

Hint: on the reverse side of the building there is one more viewpoint on the 23d floor on the top of the Library.

About Belarus

Belarus (belarussia, byelorussia, bellarus, bielorussia, bielorrusia, belaruss, weissrussland, weißrussland, belarusia, bielorusia, vitryssland, belarus land, bélarus) is a small beautiful country in Eastern Europe. Belarus borders with Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. 

President of the Republic Belarus is Alexander Lukashenko (Lukashenko). Belarus is also famous with Belarus tractor and Belarusian ballet. Numerous scientific centers and leading institutions of higher education, located in Minsk, are famous abroad for their fundamental and applied research.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus. Minsk is a crossroad of the most popular European tours. Other famous Belarus cities: Gomel, Pinsk, Borisov, Vitebsk (Witebsk), Grodno (Hrodna), Stolin, Slonim, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Orsha, Polotsk, Mozyr, Zhlobin.

Belarus travel agencies offer holiday trips all over the country.
Belarus phone code (dialling code) +375