Visiting Belarus in May 2022

Hi guys, the world is changing with dramatic speed, it turned out, that pandemic times were rather pleasant, weren’t they?

it suddenly turned out that Belarus is practically the only country where Europeans and Americans can come to a marriage agency to get acquainted with the so-called “Russian women”.
As you remember, by “Russian women” I mean Slavic women: Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian women.

Now it may not be obvious, but in fact we are all mixed up here. For example, I was born in Belarus, but my parents are from Russia, and there are Ukrainians in our family.
In fact, there are Ukrainian and Russian ancestors in almost every Belarusian family.

Let’s get back to the agency. Yes, in the spring of 2022 it turned out that only in Belarus there was an opportunity to come to the agency live and get acquainted with serious intentions in order to create a family.

And this is now the most common question among our clients: how to come to Belarus and how safe it is.

As you already know, you can now fly to Belarus via Istanbul. There are no direct flights from Europe (for a year now, this is a political decision of the European Union). But there are flights from Istanbul every day. In addition, you can fly through Georgia, Armenia, Dubai, Egypt. However, Istanbul is the main connection point.

Now one feature. You can find tickets from Istanbul to Minsk by Turkish Airlines and the Belarusian company Belavia. The problem is that Turkish airlines have been selling tickets since March, but continue to extend the cancellation of flights to Belarus. At the moment (beginning of May) flights are canceled until May 31.
Our customers buy these tickets again and again, but the flights are canceled one by one.

At the same time, Belavia flies from Istanbul every day. But if you are in Europe or America, then you will not see these tickets due to sanctions. You will not see them either on ticket aggregator sites or by opening the Belavia airline website, because it is blocked in Europe and the USA

How our clients bypass this moment: You can use VPN to open the site
This site has an English version, you can buy tickets online. There is a chance that your bank will not approve this transaction. If this happens, contact the bank to confirm this payment.

The second option that worked for our client was to buy a ticket through a travel agency. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket at the Belavia office in another country, for example, in Georgia. Most importantly, planes fly. So there is an opportunity to fly.

When you arrive by plane, you do not need a visa. You can stay without a visa for up to 30 days.

In April, Belarus lifted covid restrictions and opened land borders. This means that foreigners can enter Belarus by land transport. Right now, in May 22, these are Eurolines buses and fixed-route taxis. This is very convenient, because from the nearest European airport – in Vilnius, only 180 kilometers to Minsk. It is important that you need to get a Belarusian visa to cross the land border. A visa can be tourist, visitor or business.
You can get a Belarusian visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in your country. The embassy website has a list of documents that are required to obtain a visa.

US citizens must obtain a Belarusian visa regardless of the method of crossing the border.
One should get letter of invitation from touristic company or from exact person to get the visa. I put the link to general information about the visa at the description to that video.

Fortunately, a visa is just a formality, paperwork. It’s easier and cheaper than covid tests, which thankfully have already been canceled for those with a vaccination certificate.
Yes, if you have any vaccine, you do not need to do a test to enter Belarus. If there is no vaccine against covid, then a PCR test is needed no older than 3 days.

And now to the last question, is it safe to travel to Belarus right now? I truly believe that yes, it’s safe.

I know, some of you afraid, what happen if the flight by whatever reason is cancelled. We experienced that in the beginning of covid and when the EU flight ban occured. In that case it was easy to get exit visa and leave Belarus through Lithuania.

In general Belarus is very safe country for foreigners. At the moment we have many guests from Europe and even from USA, who came here and found Minsk beautiful, very calm and secure. You can walk here even alone at the night. Not every city can boast that. And of course Minsk is the city of the most beautiful Slavic ladies. Now again one can meet many foreigners in Minsk, at cafes and restaurants. Many our guests even decide to stay longer and buy property here.

So, that’s the information that we have on beginning of May. Stay tuned.

updated on January 2022

Enter Belarus

The borders of Belarus are open for tourists if you enter through Minsk International Airport (by plane). A visa-free stay of up to 30 days is possible for citizens of 74 countries.

NB: since October 2021 US citizens need a Belarusian visa.

You can enter by car/by bus only if you have a business visa stamped in your passport + a printed letter of invitation from a legal entity. (we do not provide those documents, but if you have business connections with Belarusian companies, you can ask them to make an invitation)


Since the beginning of June 2021 and till now there is an EU flight ban, which means that there are no direct flights to Belarus from EU countries and Ukraine.

You can get into Belarus with the flights with connections in Istanbul, Dubai, Georgia, Tel-Aviv, Egypt. The best connection is via Istanbul.

Despite the fact that one can find the Lufthansa\Austrian Airlines\LOT flights to Minsk, no EU flights are possible at the moment. All these flights are on sale, but then they get canceled 1-3 days (sometimes even hours) before the flight. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, if you decide to plan your vacation in Minsk please choose the connection in Istanbul. You can easily come to Belarus visa-free through Istanbul, there are several flights a day.

Just in case you find a connection in Moscow or Sankt-Petersburg, please be aware that for that connection you need both Belarusian and Russian visas stamped in your passport, as visa-free entry doesn’t apply to Russian flights.

Covid rules

We have no lockdown, so you can enjoy Minsk with cafes, restaurants, and people on the streets. Masks are not required. Self-isolation upon arrival is not needed.

Here are the rules for entrance:
-arrival/departure only through Minsk International Airport
-vaccine passport OR fresh (max 72 hours) PCR test
-insurance (can be bought at the airport)

If you plan a trip to Belarus, you are welcome to contact the agency, we can advise on any further questions on the entry.

Hotel or apartment?

There are many beautiful hotels and apartments in Minsk. If you plan several meetings at the agency, we recommend renting an apartment in the center, close to our agency. It makes the logistics easier. We can offer you a variety of apartments near to our marriage agency.

Prices for apartments for rent start at 40 euro for a comfortable flat in Minsk. You can find apartments in Minsk for any taste, in the center or close to some special places.

If you select to stay in the hotel, it’s better to select the one in the very center in order to avoid losing time in traffic. We recommend Hilton Double Tree, Hotel Minsk, Hotel Renaissance, Hotel Monastyrsky, Y-hotel, Planeta Hotel, Belarus Hotel.

Internet in Belarus

Prepaid cards of A1 or MTC or Life :)) will make your Belarus travel easier. Belarus has very good internet coverage, so many guests stay here for longer time while working remotely.

Other cities

Visiting Brest, Pinsk, Gomel, Vitebsk, Grodno, Mogilev, Borisov is very easy. The easiest way is to go there by train from Minsk. Belarus has an excellent train connection, no need to take expensive taxi from the airport, you can come to Minsk and take comfortable train to the destination city.

Don’t be afraid – and Belarus vacation will be a perfect time in your life!