Registration in the migration office

First of all I should admit, that if you come to our agency and rent our apartment, registration is made by the agency, if needed, so you do not need to bother.

All the foreigners that come to hospitable Belarus must register during 5 working days (except Sunday and public holidays) at the place of residence online or in Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If a foreigner decides to change the residence, it’s necessary to repeat the whole process – again during 5 days. Those who stay in hotels, sanatoriums or agricultural guesthouses don’t have to come to the Migration Office, they can register there. Registration at the office in the majority of cases costs 10 Euro

Starting January 2 2019, foreigners can register in Belarus online. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Center for Electronic Services finally have made it possible.

Here are the simple steps to take:

1. Set up a personal account on

2. Search for Service

3. Order the service “Registration”, fill in the application form and send it.

4. Receive a message about a successful registration at the specified address of stay.

The online procedure is free. It is available to anyone who arrives in Belarus through any of the border checkpoints. A Belarusian citizen can also register a foreigner via his personal account. If you are staying in a hotel or a hostel, they will register you themselves.