Real meeting is the most effective option to get acquainted with Belarusian ladies.

First, we should send the profile of a man to a lady and get her consent for a meeting with him. If a lady refuses to meet a man, we cannot send his profile to her again.

Real meeting can be organized the following way:

  • Real meetings are organized at our agency by default. There is also a possibility to arrange it at the cafe/ restaurant in certain cases.
  • We have separate rooms for the real meetings. We offer you tea or coffee in the process to make you feel comfortable.
  • Real meeting usually lasts 1-2 hours, but usually it depends upon both of you.
  • We agree upon the suitable time of a meeting
  • We can arrange up to 3 live meetings during business days and up to 5 meetings a day during Saturday and Sunday.
  • We do our best to arrange the dates in the beginning of your trip in order to give you more time to meet the ladies for the second time even within short trip.
  • The meetings are paid at the agency, same day they are held.
  • If the lady is from another distant city (outside of Minsk region) you pay extra 25 Euro for her travel expenses.
  • If you do not have common language, we invite an interpreter (+10 euro/hour).
  • if you failed to come to the meeting planned, and hasn’t notified about that at least 12 hours in advance, the money paid for this meeting are not refunded
  • During a real meeting, you can exchange any your personal contacts with a lady for further communication or you can obtain them from the agency
  • The price of real meeting is 50 Euro