USA, 43y.o., 2020
I told a friend who lives in Eastern Europe about dating a Belarussian woman here in San Francisco. He felt Belarussian women made the best wives as they are ethical, loyal, not-spoiled, beautiful and the best educated in Eastern Europe. And they generally have traditional family values…all the things a man wants in a wife. He said that if interested, there were lots of marriage agencies in Eastern Europe but most were scams. However the agencies are tightly regulated in Belarus and he knew the biggest and best one. I had had limited and less-than-pleasant experiences with others. But from the moment I was introduced to Natalia at Lady From Belarus, this was different. It was full disclosure from the very beginning. No games. Just setup my profile, then scan through the many attractive profiles of women on the site. I’m an older guy and was looking for “age appropriate” women who could speak good English. There were about 10 who seemed appealing. Natalia showed them my profile and 6 expressed interest. Then for a reasonable fee, I was introduced via a teleconference. And that was that. The rest was up to us. Of the 6, some didn’t have appropriate communication skills and with others we didn’t click. But all were quality women to be sure. Natalia and her staff were very professional, especially Irina, and all spoke excellent English. They were eager to step in when there were misunderstandings and generous with their time to help make the experience better for everyone. In the end, I met a lovely woman and we’ve been corresponding nearly daily since June 2020. She is attractive and exceptionally intelligent. We have a lot of fun together and are discussing meeting in Lisbon when the EU opens up for Belarus. Who knows what will happen. It is just the beginning of what has already been an exciting journey. It’s in God’s hands now but it all started with the Lady from Belarus marriage agency. Highly recommended.
Michael Denny
USA, 69 y.o., 2020
Addison Hoffman
USA, 69 y.o., 2022
Hello Irina, Igor and Galina, Thank you for your warm welcome in Belarus. The trip went very well, your welcome as well as the provision of the apartment was perfect. The administrative help provided (pcr test, ...) was important, fast and saved me a lot of problems. I want to send you my biggest thanks for making possible our meeting between ******* and me. Our relationship is progressing very well and we would like to achieve our goal of getting married. We do not yet know if our wedding will be in Belarus or in Belgium (it depends on the travel difficulties) and I would like to ask you if you can help us administratively in the case of a wedding in Belarus (administrative papers, advice, people specialized to contact, ...)? Thanks for everything, have a nice day. Best regards, Jérôme
Belgium, 36 y.o., June 2021
Je vais bien merci. J’ai choisi votre agence parce que je n’ai pas trouvé d’autre agence sur Minsk qui me paraissait sérieuse. Vous existez depuis longtemps et l’ agence française ***** travaille avec vous.. Vous avez beaucoup de filles qui sont inscrite et votre tarifs de 50 euro par rendez-vous est vraiment très correct. Si je devais passer par une agence française cela m’aurait couté très cher. Vous avez répondu à mes attentes. L’organisation et les rendez-vous se sont vraiment très bien passé dans votre bureau et la traductrice est vraiment très sympathique . Malheureusement la filles avec qui j’ai passé mon séjour ne souhaite pas me connaitre…. Je ne sais pas ce que vous pouvez amélioré dans votre agence car tout c’est très bien passé. Je n’ai rien de négatif à vous dire…. Mais j’ai passé un agréable séjour à Minsk et je garde de très bon souvenir.
France, 40 y.o., January 2021
The Lady from Belarus agency is wonderful. Their process for helping me meet quality, nice ladies was very effective. I met 7 nice ladies and am now in a relationship. Igor and Galina's team was so helpful in setting up the schedule, communicating with the ladies and making us all feel comfortable and confident. I was very impressed.
USA, 54 y.o., 2020
This was my second time working with a marriage agency abroad. My first experience with an Ukrainian agency was fruitless. The reason that I chose this agency is affordable price and longer history in this business compare with other agencies. It seems very decent and genuine to me according to their good online review. I only met three ladies. Im currently communicating with one lady on a daily basis. Time will tell how our relationship can progress. If result doesn't work out, I would do again with this agency until I succeed. Fingers crossed! Thanks Igor, Galina, llona and Irina for being supportive. You guys have done an excellent job. Keep up your good work! Hope to see you guys soon in Minsk!
winter Zhang
Ireland, 40 y.o., 2020
My friend and me were staying several times in minsk, we had no idea that time that they work also as a marriage agency, we just rented appartments with their assistance and now my friend is married since a few years to one of their ladies. Nothing else to say .... Igor, Ksenia and Vasillie (our driver): Greetings from Uwe and Klaus from Germany, hope you remember ???
Germany, 46 y.o., 2019
This was my first time working with a marriage agency. The concept of only paying on a per meeting basis was what attracted me to this agency. 8 of the 9 interested ladies showed up to the one on one introduction meeting. The agency confirms the meetings multiple times, so it is rare when a lady does not show up. I wasn't charged for the lady who did not show up. The agency was very helpful with logistics and did not charge for the extra services of calling taxis. Overall, I think the agency is honest and did a great job making me feel comfortable with the experience. I would recommend this agency to others.
USA, 44 y.o., March 2019
Not bragging but I have experienced a few agencies. This team is the most genuine that one can find. After previous dealings with others, I am convinced that their method is correct in a multitude of ways. Never will you be nickel and dimed with charges for this and that, then ladies that will ask you for money. No, this program is very good. From day one I felt a person touch that never once tried to push. Once my selections were made and meetings scheduled, the game was on. It is somewhat overwhelming, the meetings. I am a bit of a quiet man, but quickly came to speed with process. All of my selections were as advertised, pictures and statistics maybe a bit dated, but I do not feel There was anything misleading. In fairness, one can change much in a relatively short time. Things will likely not go as you think they will, roll with it. My apartment, awesome. From the pickup at the airport to the drop off at the airport things were taken care of in professional manner. Hell, almost felt as if I were family. My result? Time will tell. Certainly I am not communicating with I thought, but time will tell. Come with open mind, play the cards you are given, you will enjoy. Would I do again if result does not work out? Absolutely. Thank you all again for an awesome experience.
USA, 54 y.o., September 2019
Dear Irina! thank u very much for everything. You re really great! I will take more time later to answer to your questions ...and give u a very good feed back. I have really enjoyed my stay in Minsk, it is really a very nice city, and everything was perfect. Concerning your agency, i did not think it could be real... Efficient, cheap and nice. Thanks for everything
France, 54 y.o. October 2019
Here are my answers to your questions: 1. Why did I choose your agency? Because you seamed professional and trustworthy. 2. Did my expectations meet reality? Yes. 3. What would I advise you to improve? To consider introducing intro tests of personalities for the ladies and for the man as well - the ones interested in this. So that you can also provide a service of running matches in profiles of personalities with the extra charge for the ones interested in this. My feedback is very positive as mentioned.
Croatia, 43 y.o. September 2019
After spending several years in the UK I realized I wanted someone traditional combined with modernism and who hasn't lost in the long term relationship yet. Some quick google search pointed me to this region.
My prime concern was the authenticity of the agencies when I set out for this endeavor. But to be honest, after speaking with Igor, Galina, Irina, and Ilona I was quickly at ease with their professionalism and existing reputation. They helped me settle down in Minsk with lodging and commute wherever necessary.
Further, the meetings arranged with some of the matched ladies were smooth. The ladies are genuine. But would recommend the team to update the snaps to be the latest. Given my overall experience, I highly recommend ladyfrombelarus to everyone who is serious about finding their soul mate. And I am surely will be visiting a few more time I reckon as I finally see some hope.
P.S: Draniki is highly recommended.
USA, May 2019
1. Why did I choose your agency? I found your site on internet by chance. Your site is very well constructed and user friendly. It showed a professional touch. This professional touch was confirmed in the responses I received after writing to you. 2. Did my expectations meet reality? As far as the logistics were concerned everything was perfect. As far as the attitude of Igor, Natalia and Galina is concerned, I can only say that they were very open, kind, friendly and efficient. Everything went very smoothly. Igor, Natalia and Galina introduced me to some specific features of the psychology of the local ladies, which was very useful.
Hello Irina, Galina, Igor, I want to thank you all for a very nice trip. Your hospitality was awesome. While the outcome is yet to be decided, I am happy I made the trip and would do it again. Spasibo! Regards, Steve
I thank you for the welcome home and the appointments with these beautiful women. I wish you a good continuation, many meetings and marriages. Have a good day Nicolas
France, July 2019
Buongiorno Galina, vi devo ringraziare per la vostra disponibilità, professionalità e onestà, sempre attenti a tutto e farmi sentire come se fossi a casa mia, grazie di tutto
Buongiorno Galina, Io voglio ringraziarvi di tutto, tu e Igor siete bravissimi, grazie dell’attenzione e la correttezza nei miei confronti, grazie Michele
Dear Natalia, Galina and Igor, I just wanted to say thank you for your help in organising meetings with ladies when I was in Belarus in March 2016. I found you and your agency very helpful and professional and the ladies are very nice and genuine. I have no hesitation in recommending you to your prospective clients. Please take care and I wish you well. Kind regards, Wayne
Muchas gracias por tu amabilidad. Te estoy muy agradecido. Eres una mujer muy buena y agradable. Recuerdos a Galina y Igor. Te deseo mucha suerte en tu vida. Te lo mereces porque eres una gran mujer. Si por casualidad te puedes enterar de la documentación para poderse casar entre un extranjero y una mujer de Belorusia, me lo puedes enviar y te estaría muy agradecido. Me parece si no se cambian las cosas que me voy a casar con E. Pero esto nunca se sabe hasta el final. Ya sabes que si me caso me casaré en Minsk y quiero invitarte a la boda junto a Galina y Igor. Ya te iré informando de lo que vaya sucediendo. Muchos besos. Voy a pensar y decidir !!!!!!!!!!!!
SPAIN, 2016
1. Why did I choose your agency? I found your site on internet by chance. Your site is very well constructed and user friendly. It showed a professional touch. This professional touch was confirmed in the responses I received after writing to you.
2. Did my expectations meet reality? As far as the logistics were concerned everything was perfect. As far as the attitude of Igor, Natalia and Galina is concerned, I can only say that they were very open, kind, friendly and efficient. Everything went very smoothly. Igor, Natalia and Galina introduced me to some specific features of the psychology of the local ladies, which was very useful. The ladies that I met seemed very committed to a relationship and to marriage. However, the pictures of some ladies – not all – did not quite correspond to the way they looked in reality. While some seemed older than on their pictures, other looked much nicer than on their photos.
3. What would I advise you to improve? I think that there is very little to improve in the way you work which is characterised by professionalism and friendly attitude. When one comes to a foreign country for the first time and does not necessarily speak the local language, one needs both. However, I would nevertheless like to recommend that the agency updates regularly some of the pictures that are posted on its site. I understand that many ladies have been registered with the agency for many years and there is in my opinion a need to refresh the pictures of such ladies.
To conclude, I want to stress that I was very satisfied with the service that Igor, Natalia and Galina provided. Again, professionalism and friendly attitude were key to my positive experience. I would strongly recommend the agency to men who are looking for their soul-mate. Thank you Igor, Natalia and Galina!
As an immigration attorney, I have heard so many horror stories about friends and clients who have been cheated , defrauded, and run around by so called marriage agencies. When I decided to look for myself, my research consistently came up with the one agency that always seemed to get positive ratings: the LadyFromBelarus . The agency is real, the staff is first class, and the ladies are real. No runarounds, no unfair billing. Just straightforward and honest, with personal attention given to your special circumstances and desires. I found my true love on the day after I landed in Minsk, and we will be married as soon as the visa comes through. Charles Attorney in Dallas, Texas
1) Why have you chosen our agency? I chose your agency because you answered my questions very efficiently which gave me confidence in your agency. You (Natalia, Galina and Igor) have been 100% profssional from the very first day all the way through the process.
2) Did your expectations meet the reality? If not, what was different? Yes
3) What would you advise us to change/to improve? I met a lot of women (more than 20) and it was hard (emotionally and logistically). It would have been better if I had been more selective and only met the girls I really really liked instead of also picking girls I liked but wasn’t very interested in.
4) What do you think of girls that you got acquainted with? Did they look like in their photos? Were they like you expected them to be? All the ladies I met were wonderful ladies. All seemed 100% genuine about getting married. A lot of the girls didn’t look like their photo….But a lot of them said that I didn’t look like my photos either…so it goes both ways Overall, it was a very worthwhile experience. I am still in contact with 3 ladies and I will come back in 2016 to meet them again. Your agency is excellent. All your staff are friendly, efficient and highly professional. The fact that my apartment was in the same building was a brilliant idea and I would highly recommend this option to other guys rather than a hotel. I wish Natalia, Galina and Igor a very happy Christmas
Liebe Galina, liebe Natalia, lieber Igor, ich moechte mich heute kurz bei Ihnen melden, und schreiben, dass ich gut in Deutschland angekommen bin. Alles ist in Ordnung. Natuerlich muss man sehen, was aus dem Treffen mit **** werden kann, aber ich werde mich auf jeden Fall wieder bei Ihnen melden, sobald es Fragen oder etwas Neues gibt. Ja ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Service und der Freundlichkeit Ihrer Agentur, und wuerde diese auch weiterempfehlen! Herzliche Gruesse, und vielen Dank fuer die gute Organisation der Treffen Thomas
Grazie mille x la vostra gentilezza e professionalita‘ . Spero che con il vostro lavoro si possano creare tante coppie felici (me compreso). Un abbraccio. Massimo
I had a great time in Minsk. You and your team were great. The city is great and I will definitely recommend yourselves and Minsk to all my friends and colleagues. I will definitely visit again- in all likelihood when the weather improves and I will be in touch. Below is my testimonial which you can use on your website but please write by Sunny from London and not use ***:I came to the unknown and left with a great sense of joy and fulfillment. Minsk is great, the people are friendly and there are many things to do. The agency team really looked after me well and they speak great English. I would categorically recommend to all that seek an adventure and wish to find romance. P.s. The women are genuine. Sunny, LondonMany thanks again Natalia, Igor and Galina
Grundsätzlich möchte ich betonen, dass der Kontakt und die Abwicklung / Planung mit der Agentur in Minsk sehr gut und reibungslos geklappt hat. Der Transfer von und zum Flughafen, das Apartement, ein Mobiltelefon vor Ort, vereinbarter Geldwechsel vorab, die Planung der Treffen mit den Damen, alles absolut einwandfrei! Die beiden Damen der Agentur, Natalja und Galina, waren sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und immer ansprechbar. Dies gilt grundsätzlich auch für Igor.
ich bin wieder gut zurück in Wien. Ich möchte mich noch einmal sehr herzlich für das sehr sehr gute Service und die ausgezeichnete Betreuung bedanken. Alles hat sehr gut funktioniert. Mit Oksana und Ekaterina will ich in Kontakt bleiben und sehen, wie sich das weiterentwickelt.Liebe Grüße aus Wien
Liebe Galina, lieber Igor, vielen Dank für die gute Betreuung während meines Aufenthaltes in Minsk. Ich habe die Reise sehr genossen und viele schöne Eindrücke mit nach Hause genommen. Jetzt muss ich sehen, ob sich aus den Gesprächen mit den Damen mehr entwickeln wird. Danken Sie bitte auch nochmals Alexandra für ihre guten bersetzerdienste, es war sehr angenehm sie bei den Gesprächen dabei zu haben. Mal sehen, was sich ergeben wird. Vielleicht treffen wir uns ja mal wieder.Bernd