Our Vision

Everyone gets acquainted on the Internet now. Or almost everyone. But there was a time when the phrase “we met online” was something exceptional.

I cannot say that our chatting with Igor on the Internet was something special. But as soon as we’ve met in real life, something incredible has happened – and after 3 hours of talking, it became obvious that we belong to each other.

It turned out that my husband has an unusual job – Marriage Agency. There was always noisy and interesting in the office. Some were treating us with their national cuisine, others were celebrating the engagement. Often there were people from different countries who wanted to find a Belarusian bride.

There were many agencies at that time, but they worked ineffectively. Mostly, their work included either selling the collection of postal addresses (that could be irrelevant by that time) or pumping as much money out of a man as possible for translation, forwarding of letters, or for additional services.

The list of obligatory options of an agency had to include the delivery of flowers and food baskets, as well as ubiquitous Teddy Bears after receiving which a Belarusian Princess had to fall down at man’s feet.

By that time my husband and I had gone our way through virtual dating and were quite sure that the most important thing was the real meeting and the secret mechanism called “chemistry” or “spark”.That’s why we fostered our efforts to ensure that it takes as little time as possible from the first glance at the photo to a personal meeting. All in all, we canceled the correspondence before the meeting.

It became our goal to provide men with good-quality information about women and to confirm the identity of both men and women. This made our database almost 100% scam-free.In addition, we decided against the meetings outside the office. From that time all the first meetings were to be held only on the territory of the agency. So, we got rid of those who came to the meeting only to hang out and have a good time.

As a result, we came to a system that runs like clockwork. And more than 1510 created families prove this.

Galina Pinchuk