Video-meeting with a lady from the agency

video dates with Belarusian women

We provide services of Video-meeting only in case a man cannot come in a short time period to Minsk and meet the ladies.

First, we should send the profile of a man to a lady and get her consent for a meeting with him. If a lady refuses to meet a man, we cannot send his profile to her again.

Video-meeting can be organized the following way:

  • We agree upon the suitable time of a meeting considering the time difference
  • Before the video-meeting, we check the Internet connection. In our country, we have high-speed Internet, but it is better to check how good the connection and picture are in advance. Video-meeting can be organized over Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.
  • The invoice for a Video-meeting should be paid beforehand
  • A lady comes online at an agreed time from her personal Skype login or phone number in WhatsApp/Viber. Before the meeting, we check the connection with her as well.
  • The first Video-meeting usually lasts up to 1 hour, but if the conversation goes well and you want to speak with a lady more time, there are no limits in this respect.
  • In advance, we can agree upon the help of an interpreter (+10 euro/hour) if needed.
  • If you can not be online at an agreed time, please, notify us about it no less than 2 hours before, so that we could inform the lady about it and postpone the meeting till other time
  • If you haven’t notified us that you cannot be online for the meeting (including notifying about any technical problem) more than 2 hours before the meeting, the money paid for this meeting are not refunded
  • During a Video-meeting, you can exchange any your personal contacts with a lady for further communication
  • If after a Video-meeting you decide to come to Minsk and meet THIS lady, we organize this meeting free of charge.

The price of Video-meeting is 50 Euro