• We send your profile, previously translated into Russian and with photos attached, to the ladies you’ve chosen.
  • You can choose 1-2 ladies as well as tens of them.
  • We can refuse to do the partnercheck, if a man does not give us photos of good quality and a complete questionnaire.
  • We reserve the right to request documents as a confirmation of your identity and in case of your refusal to do it, not to send your profile to the ladies,
    or if your profile doesn’t meet the rules of our agency
  • In case we see that your profile has a critically low number of positive responses, we can refuse to send your profile, if you do not change your criteria of choice and your questionnaire.
  • Usually partnercheck results are ready in 2-5 days.
  • We try to get as many answers as possible, but due to natural reasons to get all the replies is not always feasible.
  • We reserve the right not to make haste to get all the replies until the actual organization of a trip.
  • If we have already sent your profile to a lady, we cannot send it to her again.
  • Along with your profile we can send your presentation letter to a lady, but the answer will have the yes/no form, if she agrees/disagrees to meet you.
  • We do not translate the presentation letter and send it to a lady as it is.
  • You can order the translation of your presentation letter beforehand.