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Age: 38
Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius
Height(sm): 171
Weight(kg): 60
Color of Eyes: grey
Color of Hair: red
Education: university
Occupation: engineer
Marital Status: single
Children: NO
Want to have children: yes
Hobbies, Skills: sports , dancing , reading , photographing , animals , fashion .
Character: kind , curious , spontaneous , family-oriented , with sense of humor .
Smoke: no
Languages: English (minimal - some words and phrases,interpreter required) .
Religion: orthodox
Nationality: Belarusian
Describe the qualities that you are looking for in an ideal husband:
Age from 38 to 45
Height(sm) 180 to 200
Has children: doesn't matter
Character, interests & goals:
Hobbies, Abilities:
- I practice hatha yoga and pilates,
- I love reading books in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, detective, I have already collected my own collection of more than 40 books,
- I love taking pictures and being photographed,
- a certified model, conquered the catwalk in St. Petersburg at GeoFashionWeek Fashion Week.
- Fashion model in fantasy style, more than 30 images in the collection - Bulgakov’s Margarita, Milady from the Three Musketeers, the Moon Girl, Miroslava from the film “He is the Dragon”, etc.,
- I like to meditate in front of an aquarium with fish,
- I love horses, I enjoy horseback riding, I am learning dressage,
- astrophenomenologist - I am phenomenally able to find out answers to questions and tell about myself and others with the help of the stars,
- I love traveling - I traveled around Belarus, fell in love with St. Petersburg, walked around Turkish cities.
- Conquered three seas - Mediterranean, Baltic and Minsk,
- I make coffee with magic,
- I dream of walking on the ocean, dolphins and whales,
- I want to visit Dracula’s castle in the UK and not only.
- I love to dance, I want to dance tango in Argentina and belly dance in Cairo.

- the motto in life is “I want to know everything”,
- I constantly learn new things at work, improve my level of knowledge,
- completed more than 10 training courses and advanced training at the International University of MITSO,
- I participate in animal charity.

Ideas about an ideal partner:

- Higher education, increasing the level of your knowledge through additional training.
- Loyal, with traditional family values,
- treats his parents and his wife’s parents with respect.
- have your own hobbies.
- Emotionally mature - engages in dialogue in controversial issues, calmly discusses any topics and issues, and makes compromises if necessary,
- Respects and listens to my opinion.
- We have a trusting relationship.
- Respects my personal boundaries. He trusts his partner - at my request, he calmly gives me time to be alone or to meet with friends, to pursue my hobbies, or just to relax.
- Values ??me as a woman and as a person.
- He is generous towards me, gives both small and very expensive gifts.
- does everything that is necessary for my comfort, because he likes to pamper me and surround me with care.
- He is gallant with me, helps me get in and out of the car, holds the doors, because he likes to show himself as a caring man and thus give me additional pleasure from communicating with him.
- Shows concern,, if possible, meets and takes you to work, can prepare dinner or breakfast, loves to pamper you with surprises and various amenities (for example, breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner, gifts of trips to the spa, etc.)
- He comes to help at my request and takes the initiative himself.
- Supports me morally and financially in any situations, endeavors, hobbies, interests.
- He gives flowers with or without reason, just to please me.
- Loves to travel,
- Gentle towards me.
- I like hugs and tactile sensations.
- devotes time to our family.
- takes a direct part in raising children.
- Knows how to cope with housework - fix something small, cook food, wash things, do cleaning.

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