First meeting then correspondence vs. correspondence then real meeting

Of course when there is a distance it is not always easy. Maybe one should correspond in advance?

As for your question, it is quite difficult to answer it, because it can be very individual. On the one hand, the idea to get to know a lady and to try to establish some communication before meeting each other seems attractive, because in this case you have the impression that you are meeting not a stranger, but a person that you know. On the other hand, the problem is that this impression is very likely to be false, because you can get a more or less truthfull impression of a person only if you write each other really long and detailed letters, or communicate very often via Skype. In practice, however, it often results in casual chatting about nothing, something like: “How are you today?” – “I am fine, but have had a tiring day, let’s speak another time” It is not the communication that can reveal what kind of person each of you are, if you are compatible etc.

I would say, correspondence can be really successful only if both persons agree that they want to communicate first, if they are ready to put some efforts to reveal each other through letters. Also, there really must be a kind of talent to write such letters, some of the ladies actually say at times something like: “Yes, I am interested to communicate with this man and I would really love to exchange letters with him, but I have never communicated in such a way, I am not sure what should I write etc” Other ladies who have had the experience of speaking with men on the Internet on Skype or via email – may have got bad results: like getting to know men who just chat, but will never get to anything more serious. That’s why they have been disappointed in this way and don’t want to lose their time on somebody whom they have never seen and probably will never see. They prefer a personal meeting first, and then, in case there is an initial interest, to develop it by Internet communication. Of course, there are also ladies, who are ready to correspond and even those who would prefer correspondence before the meeting (the latter is really an absolute minority, though)

Our opinion is that a personal meeting followed with intensive Internet communication is the best solution, but again, it can be different for different people, so we leave it for the person to decide what is better.