Choosing the ladies

Sometimes men who want to use our service ask us to choose some good and serious girls for them to meet. Well, this request actually does not make much sense: if we considered some ladies to be dishonest and not serious, we would not work with them at all. If we have some grounded complaints about a lady or notice inadequate behavior from her side, we delete her profile from our database.

So, all the ladies you can see on our website are good in our eyes – but different, that is why we cannot predict who will be the perfect match for you. Every our client says he wants to meet a nice and sweet girl, nobody really wants to get acquainted with a cold and unfriendly lady, but this does not mean they all will fall in love with the same lady. Since besides these really important, but very general, characteristics, there is a physical attraction and a lot of traits of character that make a personality. Taking all these into account, a conclusion about the compatibility can be drawn, but it is only you who can make it: who knows better than yourself what suits you?

From our professional point of view, we recommend you choosing 10-20 ladies on your own. For your convenience, you can filter all the profiles on our website by various important criteria: age, height, language skills, presence/absence of children, etc…Then:

  1. If you have a lot of positive replies: you do not have to meet all the women who said “yes”. You will decide how many meetings you would like to have – and we will give you our comments on the interested ladies to make you choice easier. In any case, it is always better to have more positive answers initially: it may happen that for some reason a lady fails to come and you will want to meet someone else instead.
  2. If you have a low rate of positive answers: it is difficult to say for sure why girls answer “no”, as we do not require any explanation. Actually, it is quite normal: there are always positive and negative answers, since the ladies have different images of their future partner. If they say “no”, it does not necessarily mean something is wrong with you or your profile; maybe you are just not the type of man they are looking for. To eliminate the main possible reasons of negative answers, we normally recommend paying due attention to the adequate age difference, making photos of good quality, adding more lively and detailed information about you.

Having seen your choice, we will have some idea about the type of woman you are looking for, which will allow us to make reasonable suggestions about other ladies who can suit your criteria and be interested in you.

Finding your real soul mate is a complicated process, where luck has a role to play. Also, the correct behavior is what helps to succeed: even if you meet a girl who can be compatible with you, you will need to build up a sound communication and then a relationship, which requires an adequate attitude to many things. We would be glad to assist you with our advice to make the whole thing more efficient and to help you overcome possible cultural differences, so that your story has a happy end.