What can you gain from marriage agency?

Let’s decide first the goal. What’s your aim when you visit the page of marriage agency? If your aim is to get acquainted with real person who can be possible candidate to create happy family, then you have found the right agency. If your aim is just chatting or amusement would you be so kind to click the cross in  top right corner of the page?

General goal can be divided into several stages.

  1. organize the meeting with the lady
  2. meet the lady in reality
  3. establish communication, get know each other
  4. invite her to visit your place
  5. prepare the marriage documents
  6. live happy ever after!

What is the first idea, if you decide to get acquainted with Russian (Belarusian, Ukrainian) lady? Find the website and write her? But first you should somehow filter fake profiles, “falling in love with you” from the first sentences. Ask her to skype in order to see that she is real? It’s a pity, but fake skype models are also widespread. But ok, you have found the real lady, involved her into communication, and decide to visit her in her city. At least you meet the lady in person and you can feel if there is something between you. But it’s really time consuming and rather expensive. Because one lady will be in one city, the other in the other… Nobody knows how many meetings you will need until you find your match.

What does the marriage agency offer? We can help you to make first 2 steps easy and less expensive. You select the ladies on the website, we send them your profile, find out who is interested to get acquainted with you and then organize for you up to 10 meetings within one week-end.

This will really help to overcome 2 most time/money consuming stages and you will meet up to 10 beautiful within 1 trip to Belarus.

Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, we organize the meetings like no any other agency does.  How?  I’ll tell you later.