Why are Belarusian women looking for love abroad?

Many men who come to our agency are sincerely surprised: “How on earth can it be that such good-looking well-educated women are single? Each of them must have a queue of Belarusian men dying for her love! Why are they looking for a man from abroad then? Why are they ready to make such enormous efforts: to leave their country and start a totally different page of their lives far away from sweet home?”

Yes, it may be difficult to understand, but the social and cultural situation in Belarus makes our agency a “life saver” for many great women who were not lucky enough to find their Mr. Right here. And they do need much good luck to be with a good man! This can be explained by “quantity and quality” reasons.

Sad statistics: due to a lack of male population which becomes more pronounced with age, not all women have the chance to meet their better halves. Traditionally it led to a good deal of rivalry: women tried to do their best in every field: in love, at work and in the domestic life. As a result, most Belarusian ladies combine the best of modern and traditional values: they are hardworking and persistent in their studies and career, active in their daily life, while they are still devoted to their relationship or family and try to be feminine and beautiful for their partner. Sounds like a real treasure?

Yes, but like a diamond needs polishing, a real lady needs being respected, loved and appreciated. Unfortunately, not all Belarusian men can keep up with these simple requirements. The lack of male rivalry brought certain negative results: Belarusian men are quite often passive, unambitious and reluctant to enjoy life or to grow personally and professionally; they do not take proper care of their health and appearance, do not value their partners or wives etc. This is what makes many Belarusian women avoid unsatisfying or even destructive relationships with local men and look for love overseas.

As you can see, the gender imbalance in Belarus is very favorable for men who are a minority and therefore of great value. A normal guy with no mental or alcohol problems can easily be with a beauty with a university degree and superior cooking skills. The ladies’ choice is by far more limited: it is quite hard to find an active and intelligent man who takes care of himself – and wants to create a family for life (instead of starting numerous relationships with new girls, which he may well afford). The search of the Mr. Right becomes even more complicated as the years go by: due to the tendency to get married early, all good family men at a certain point wear wedding rings and are treated like kings by their happy wives. So, what can the rest of our pretty Belarusian ladies do: wait for a miracle or try to be happy in love whatever it takes?